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Listen: Mike Francesa Says Coach Cal Isn't Great With 'Xs and Os,' Calipari Calls Into Show To Disagree

Attention, sports talk radio hosts: don't question John Calipari's coaching ability on-air. If you do, you'll likely receive an angry call from the Kentucky coach. 

Wednesday, legendary New York sports radio personality Mike Francesa was talking about college basketball. Calipari, who recently made an appearance on the show, was the focus of the discussion. Francesa applauded Calipari's recruiting and motivational tactics, but stated that there are coaches much better at the "Xs and Os" than the Wildcats' leader. 

This resulted in "John from Kentucky" calling into the show to debate Francesa's statement. 

It's understandable that Calipari is upset with Francesa questioning an aspect of his coaching ability, but the New York sports host isn't totally off base with his opinion. While Francesa isn't known for his college basketball knowledge, many in the industry would likely agree that there are better Xs and Os coaches than Calipari. 

If other college coaches want to follow Calipari's lead and call into radio shows that critique them, we surely won't be disappointed, though. 

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