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Watch: Malik Monk Pulls Ridiculous Behind-The-Back Crossover Leading To Transition Score

Malik Monk crosses over a defender.

Vine/Legion Hoops

Malik Monk is emerging as one of the most transcendent talents in college basketball, and on Thursday night he pulled an absolutely ridiculous move leading to a transition score.

Up 30-18 at Ole Miss, Monk corralled a defensive rebound, sprinted to mid-court where he pulls an absolutely nasty hesitation dribble to behind-the-back crossover move, leaving freshman guard Tyree Breein in the dust. He then hits a lay-up, draws a foul, and knocks down the and-one. Not a bad stretch for Monk.

Watch the play, in all of its glory.

Kentucky made easy work of Ole Miss, winning 99-76. Monk scored 34 points on 16 shots, and chipped in six rebounds and three steals. Frighteningly, it's not even close to the best game he's had in the last two weeks.

Kentucky hasn't been perfect thus far this season, sitting at 11-2, but they're incredibly talented and have one of the best players in the country, who can score at will. In college basketball, that can take you pretty far.