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Mark Stoops On Offsides Call In Mississippi State Game: "It Will Haunt Me For The Rest Of My Life"

He's still salty.

Kentucky's football season hasn't exactly gone as planned. The Wildcats head into week 10 of the college football season with a 1-6 overall record and remain winless in the SEC. While this week brings a winnable matchup for the Cats (they take on Alabama State), the team, especially head coach Mark Stoops, seemingly can't move on from the disappointing loss against the Mississippi State Bulldogs last Thursday. Specifically, there's one play that they are having trouble forgetting.

After the Wildcats cut the Bulldogs lead to 21-19 in the third quarter, UK executed what seemed to be the perfect onside kick. Except for one thing - the Wildcats were ruled offsides by the officials. Here's a photo of the play so you can judge for yourself: 

For reference, this was Coach Stoops' initial reaction to the call:

As you can see, Stoops was rather upset over the penalty. Today on his sports radio show, we found out that he still is very undone. Stoops was asked about the play and said it would haunt him for the rest of his life.

While it's hard to argue against the call being an important play of the game, his reaction might be just a bit overboard.

The Wildcats will get a chance to redeem themselves this weekend against the Alabama State Hornets. The kick off is at 7:30 in Lexington.