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Max Kellerman Says Kentucky Should Not Be Satisfied With The Job John Calipari Did This Year

Coach Cal yelling from the Kentucky sideline.

LEXINGTON, KY - JANUARY 28: John Calipari the head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats gives insturctions to his team against the Kansas Jayhawks during the game against at Rupp Arena on January 28, 2017 in Lexington, Kentucky. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Kentucky lost on Thursday night, so Friday morning, naturally, there are plenty of hot takes on the job head coach John Calipari did this year.

Kentucky fell to Kansas State on Thursday night in an absolute slugfest of a game that included 51 fouls. In the aftermath, there's been plenty of criticism thrown head coach John Calipari's way. 

ESPN's First Take did an entire segment on the game - and whether Coach Cal did a good job with his team this year. Max Kellerman doesn't think Kentucky should be satisfied.

"Nope. And look, Calipari is a great coach and a great recruiter and he practically invented one-and-done, right? But, you know, you've got to go from that to three-and-D, that's the way the game is right now. That's the way you win - at the pros and really at an level.

He's missed out on the pace and space - that's not the kind of team he recruits. Partly, that is because he's such a great recruiter. He's recruiting the best athletes, usually, who play the game. At that stage, out of high school, many of them are not yet efficient shooters. They will get to be better shooters, but many of the best high school recruits aren't great shooters.

Then, in a one-and-done situation, what you wind up with is not only young players, but young players who don't shoot the ball particularly well. Particularly when Duke is good at recruiting some of those guys. So Calipari, I think, was out-recruited by Duke and then maybe again this upcoming season.

The kind of players he gets don't fit into the kind of game he needs to be able to play with one-and-dones. I say all this understanding that I am holding him, not to the standard of a normal coach, because he's not a normal coach, he's a great coach, but I'm holding him, including to the recruiting standards, to Calipari standards. To the standards that you expect from him.

The kind of guys he gets and the kind of coach he is - he will make noise every year. You look at Kentucky and go "ooh, they're live" every year. But the difference between that and actually winning, given the style of play, given the length of commitments is different, he may have to tweak a little bit what he's doing."

For what it's worth - Seth Greenberg did not agree. You can watch video of the entire back-and-forth here.

Kentucky finished the season with a 26-11 mark.