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One NBA Executive: Kentucky Could Beat The Sixers Maybe 5 Times In A 10-Game Series

This year's Kentucky men's basketball team is, maybe, the most talented squad in college basketball history. The Wildcats brought back a host of talent from its national runner-up squad from a season ago, reeled in a top recruiting class and possess potentially eight or nine future NBA players. 

Could they beat an NBA team? It's an extremely ridiculous notion, right? Even the worst NBA team is made up of bigger, faster, stronger and older players than those playing for John Calipari. 

Following Kentucky's first exhibition of the 2014-15 season, though, Georgetown College coach Chris Briggs, fresh off a 121-52 loss to Kentucky, called the Wildcats an "NBA playoff team." 

This prompted Courier-Journal staff writer Adam Himmelsbach to attempt to figure out if Kentucky could, actually, beat the NBA's worst team, the Philadelphia Sixers. 

">@SethOnHoops if UK could, In fact, win an NBA game. Answers: yes, no, no.

— Adam Himmelsbach (@AdamHimmelsbach)

I asked two NBA front office guys and @SethOnHoops if UK could, In fact, win an NBA game. Answers: yes, no, no.

— Adam Himmelsbach (@AdamHimmelsbach) November 11, 2014

">November 11, 2014

Most of the responses Himmelsbach received were simply "no." 

One potentially crazy answer stood out. 

"[Kentucky would win] maybe five times (in a 10-game series)," one NBA executive said. "They are deep!"

Ridiculous. Yes, Kentucky is very talented and built with many future NBA players, but the Sixers are a team made up of players who used to be incredible college players. Players like Nerlens Noel, a former Kentucky standout and top NBA pick, and Michael Carter-Williams, a former NBA Rookie of the Year. 

The "could (X) college team beat the NBA, NFL, etc.'s worst team" is a popular hypothetical, but in basically every scenario, it's an insane one. And it is in the case of Kentucky and the Sixers, too. 

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