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Photo: Kentucky Staff Sends Drew Barker Fake ESPN Page With Stories Of Future Success


There's no way around it -- the recruiting mail that coaching staffs send high school recruits is getting weirder and weirder. A recent trend we've seen is coaches sending players puzzles -- Urban Meyer likes to send the message that specific recruits are "the missing piece."

Today, Drew Barker, the prized quarterback commit of the Kentucky Wildcats, tweeted out some of his own interesting mail. The UK staff sent him, of course, a puzzle. But this was no ordinary puzzle -- when put together, it formed a fake page, complete with headlines of Kentucky's and Barker's future success. Here are a few examples:

"Stoops Seeking Next 1st Round NFL Draft Pick"

"UK Commit Barker Scores 6 TDs In One Half"

"Wildcats Launch New Website For Recruits Use"

It seems very strange to me, but pretty funny if nothing else. The UK staff should be pleased though, because Barker found it "dope."