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Photo: The Kentucky Men's Basketball Team Has Added Hot Yoga To Its Training Regimen

One of the best scenes from the movie, "The Rookie," the tale of a young boy playing for the Chicago Cubs because his recently healed broken arm magically allows him to throw 99 mph, involves trainer Phil Brickman describing a new regimen. 

"Some guys ice down their arm after a big game, some say that heat's the way to go, but I have discovered the secret: hot ice. Hot ice. I heat up the ice cubes, it's the best of both worlds," Brickman says. 

The Kentucky men's basketball team appears to have followed Brickman's suggestion, adding a heating concept to their training system. It's not hot ice, though, but hot yoga. 

That Instagram post comes from Devin Booker, the four-star freshman shooting guard. Kentucky is expected by many to start the 2014-15 season ranked No. 1 in the country. Now that they're doing hot yoga, they almost certainly will be.