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Photos: 3 Kentucky Football Players Have Spent The Week Building And Repairing Homes, Feeding Families In Ethiopia

While many of us are looking forward to relaxing during this long weekend, three Kentucky football players—Austin MacGinnis, Marcus McWilson, and Alex Montgomery—are in Ethiopia helping feed families, play with children, and preparing homes for the rainy season. Photographer Nikki McLaughlin has been with the players all week, and wrote about their amazing work on the program's website:

Each time I visit Ethiopia, I return home having made some amazing new friends. Included on the new friend list this go-round: three incredible football players from Kentucky.

I've been in awe this week as I have watched these three young men bless the people here and be blessed by them in return. Whether they were doing construction projects on the home of an AIDS-affflicted widow, delivering a mattress to an elderly woman who had never before slept on one, providing food to families who might otherwise have nothing at all to eat or showering love upon impoverished children, these three have impressed me so much.

I will never forget watching Marcus McWilson tirelessly pound nail after nail into mud homes so that several widows would be ready for rainy season. I will always remember watching Alex Montgomery quietly offer a big smile to each child who ran up for a chance to compare their (tiny) hand against his. And Austin MacGinnis, he must have dedicated an entire suitcase to candy, toys and soccer cleats. I loved watching him put his heart into sharing each of these things with the sweet babies here. Although on the opposite side of the globe from home, all three of these guys seemed to be "right at home" as they took time to play football and soccer with countless little ones.

Kentucky football's Instagram account has been putting up awesome pictures from the trip all week:

 If you're looking for a trio of football players to root for this fall, these three Wildcats are worthy of all of our applause.