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Photos: Today In Kentucky Fan Tattoo News - Member Of #BBN Gets Harrison Twins Tattoo After They Announce Their Return To UK

We're getting to the point where Kentucky fans aren't really Kentucky fans if they don't get some body art signifying their fanhood. We've seen the nearly prophetic "2014 Nati9nal Champions" tattoo, the "Willie Cauley-Stein is coming back so here's his face on my leg" tattoo, as well as one guy with a back tattoo who UK fans would rather disassociate with. Now, one 'Cats fan is making a very similar step to the WCS tattoo recipient, and paying up on a promise that if the Harrison twins returned to Kentucky, that he would get them tattooed. 

Back on April 8, he made the declaration, and reiterated it a few times with tweets to the twins, because these are the types of things that influence major life decisions for elite basketball players.

Eventually, the twins announced their return, and it was pay-up time.

The tattoo is not quite done, but will be soon, and we look forward to the final product.

Tyler Austin Black, owner of the internet-famous 2014 Nati9nal Champions tattoo, even weighed in.

">April 29, 2014

">@Tizzblack: These portrait tattoos making me look a little more sane I guess..." < You're welcome lol

— Calipari 2016 (@KaeWhy270) April 29, 2014

Ultimately, not everyone is overly impressed with @KaeWhy270's efforts, but he has a very Kentuckian message for those people.