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Report: Kentucky's 'Big Blue Madness' Will Cost Over $400,000 In 2013


The University of Kentucky does not mess around when it comes to college basketball. Wildcats fans were seen camping out days in advance just to try to get tickets to the team's official opening celebration - cleverly dubbed 'Big Blue Madness'. It appears that fans, despite the team's lackluster 2012 season, in which the Wildcats were knocked out of the first round of the NIT by Robert Morris, are extremely excited about a 2013 campaign that will feature the nation's No. 1 recruiting class, yet again. As such, the school is going all-out, at least monetarily.

Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio clued us in on just what UK is spending on tonight's event. 

We've yet to hear what Coach Cal has up his sleeve for the event, but $400,000 is surely a high enough budget to assume that whatever it is, it'll be spectacular. We'll find out soon enough.