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The 64 Most Annoying Fan Bases In College Sports: Round Of 32

College Spun's bracket of the Most Annoying fan bases in college sports, round of 32.

With the NCAA Tournament finishing up its third round games yesterday, we figured we'd give you another kind of bracket to debate until the Sweet 16 gets started. The 'Round of 64' matchups in our 64 Most Annoying Fan Bases bracket have been completed, and there were a few surprises - at least to us. You can check out the opening round contests for the #BBN region here, the #FSUTwitter region here, the #WeAre region here, and the #PAWWWL region here.

We've condensed the 'Round of 32' games into this one post, so make sure to vote on all 16 matchups below. Who will eventually be crowned the most annoying fan base in all of college sports?

The 64 Most Annoying Fan Bases Bracket

College Spun's bracket of the Most Annoying fan bases in college sports, round of 32.

Vote On The #BBN Region Below

1. Kentucky Basketball Fans vs. 8. Ohio State Football Fans

Kentucky fan Ashley Judd, Ohio State fan Buck-I-Guy.

Kentucky Basketball Fans received 68% of the vote against College Basketball Fans Who Only Care About The NCAA Tournament. Ohio State Football Fans crushed Coach Cal Haters, gaining 73% of the vote in their contest. Was OSU seeded too low? We'll find out when they take on #BBN.

4. Indiana Basketball Fans vs. 5. Auburn Football Fans

Auburn football fans vs. Indiana basketball fans.

Auburn Football Fans just edged Oregon Football Fans, 55%-45%. Indiana Basketball Fans were voted more annoying than Wichita State Basketball Fans, 65%-35%. This could be one of the closest matchups of the entire round.

2. UConn Women's Basketball Fans vs. 10. People Who Talk About Their NCAA Bracket Picks

Bracket only fans vs. UConn women's basketball.

UConn Women's Basketball Fans took down Syracuse Lacrosse Fans, 71%-29%. People Who Talk About Their NCAA Bracket Picks actually scored the first upset of the tournament, taking down Louisville Basketball Fans, 59%-41%. It'll be interesting to see which group people find more intolerable here.

3. S-E-C Chanters vs. 6. Drake Apologists 

Kentucky fan Drake vs. SEC fan.

A particularly strong early round matchup here. S-E-C Chanters demolished Boise State Football Fans, 76%-24%. Drake Apologists crushed NC State Basketball Fans, 69%-31%. Good luck picking this one.

Vote On The #FSUTwitter Region Below

1. Duke Basketball Fans vs. 9. Kansas Basketball Fans

Duke fans vs. Kansas fans.

Duke Basketball Fans beat out Arizona Basketball Fans, 85%-15% in the opening round, proving their worthiness. Kansas Basketball Fans, on the other hand, just eked out Oklahoma Football Fans, 51%-49%. Who marches on to the Sweet 16? 

4. Fans Who Tweet At Recruits vs. 5. West Virginia Football Fans

West Virginia fans vs. Twitter fans.

Fans Who Tweet At Recruits put a whooping on Ole Miss Football Fans, winning 80%-20%. West Virginia Football Fans beat out Conference Realignment Rumormongers, 52%-48%. The Twitter hacks are going to be tough to take down.

2. Florida State Football Fans vs. 7. North Carolina Basketball Fans

UNC fans vs. FSU fans.

It's an all-ACC matchup in this one. Florida State Football Fans defeated Baylor Football Fans, 79%-21%. North Carolina Basketball Fans cruised against Michigan State Basketball Fans, 72%-28%. We'll see if they can stop #FSUTwitter's run to the Final Four.

3. USC Football Fans vs. 11. NCAA Apologists

USC fans vs. NCAA defenders.

USC Football Fans had a strong showing, gathering 83% of the vote against Rutgers Football Fans. Meanwhile, in a true upset, NCAA Apologists took down Florida Football Fans, 52%-48%. The Trojans fan base is a heavy favorite here.

Vote On The #WeAre Region Below

1. Notre Dame Football Fans vs. 9. Maryland Basketball Fans

Notre Dame fans vs. Maryland fans.

Notre Dame Football Fans may be the most annoying group in the country when it's all said and done. Irish supporters scored 86% of the vote against BYU Basketball Fans in the first round. Maryland Basketball Fans scored an upset, taking down Iowa Football Fans 55%-45%. 

4. Miami Football Fans vs. 5. Michigan Football Fans

Michigan fans vs. Miami fans.

Miami Football Fans were voted more annoying than Nebraska Football Fans, 60%-40%. Michigan Football Fans, perhaps underseeded, crushed UCLA Basketball Fans, 77%-23%. This one should be tight.

2. Penn State Football Fans vs. 7. Texas Football Fans

Texas fans vs. Penn State fans.

Two fan bases of traditional powerhouses that had no trouble in the first round. PSU Football Fans took down Arizona State Basketball Fans, 80%-20%. Texas Football Fans were almost as dominant, knocking off Virginia Tech Football Fans, 73%-27%.

3. UConn Men's Basketball Fans vs. 6. Texas A&M Football Fans

Texas A&M fans vs. UConn fans.

In a matchup of former Big East rivals, UConn Men's Basketball Fans were voted way more annoying than Villanova Basketball Fans, 82%-18%. Texas A&M Football Fans had no problem with Dick Vitale Haters, pulling in 61% of the vote.

Vote On The #PAWWWL Region Below

1. Alabama Football Fans vs. 8. South Carolina Football Fans

Alabama fans vs. South Carolina fans.

Alabama Football Fans, a strong 1-seed, crushed Kenny Chesney Apologists in the first round, 82%-18%. South Carolina Fans were voted more annoying than that of their rival, Clemson, 60%-40%. We'll be surprised if the Tide don't roll on here.

4. Georgia Football Fans vs. 5. Syracuse Basketball Fans

Georgia fans vs. Syracuse fans.

Easily one of the hardest matchups to call in this round. Georgia Football Fans were voted more annoying that SEC Network Conspiracy Theorists, 53%-47%. Syracuse Basketball Fans, one of the best-traveling college basketball groups in the country, took down Gonzaga Basketball Fans, 73%-27%. This one is a toss-up.

2. Big East Nostalgists vs. 10. Tennessee Football Fans

Tennessee fans vs. Big East apologists.

Big East Nostalgists, who probably watch that 30 For 30 on repeat, cruised to victory over Georgetown Basketball Fans, 68%-32%. Tennessee Football Fans, on the other hand, scored an interesting upset over West Virginia Basketball Fans, 64%-36%. Are Vols supporters underseeded here?

3. Paul Finebaum Callers vs. 6. LSU Football Fans

LSU fans vs. Finebaum callers.

Some of these people may actually fit into both categories, but regardless, it should be close. Paul Finebaum Callers, who more-than-deserve a category of their own, beat out Johns Hopkins Lacrosse Fans, 77%-23%. LSU Football Fans had no trouble with Pitt Basketball Fans, triumphing 80%-20%. Good luck picking this one.

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