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There Is A Now Mocking Wichita State's Loss To Kentucky

You could have probably guessed this was coming.

Someone, very possibly a Kentucky fan, has launched to mock Wichita State. The Shockers finished their season with a 35-1 mark, the '1' coming in a 78-76 third round loss to the Wildcats in an epic game. Point guard Fred VanVleet had a chance for a game winning three pointer at the end which caught rim, giving the 'Cats the Sweet 16 berth.

The website simply reads "35-Kentucky" and features a picture of the Wildcats celebrating the win and a link to ESPN's story about the game.

Personally, I hope this was another fanbase's doing. Kentucky is also the fanbase that printed 40-0 shirts before the season began, so for them to mock a team for having gaudy goals is pretty ridiculous and hypocritical.