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Tyler Ulis On Kentucky Fans Continually Trolling Dan Dakich: "I Love Them"

Dan Dakich is not afraid to poke the bear that is Kentucky basketball's rabid fan base. Back in January, the ESPN analyst said that eventual All-American Tyler Ulis was not a top five point guard in the country, which absolutely infuriated members of #BBN.

">January 16, 2016

Eventually Dakich changed his mind on Ulis, but that didn't stop UK fans from continuing to badger him every time Ulis made a fantastic play for the Wildcats.

In an interview with Kentucky Sports Radio, Ulis brought up the Dakich issue when describing how much he loves the UK fans.

When asked about feeling the love from UK fans, Ulis told KSR, “I feel it everyday on Twitter. They made it hard on — who was the guy? Um, Dan Dakich? WOW. They’re still tweeting to him to this day. It’s just a great fan base and I love them.”

“I didn’t really care (about Dakich’s comments),” he continued. “It was just funny to see them giving him such a hard time for a long time. It’s funny and it shows how they have your back.”

Considering there are still tweets being sent to Dakich about his statement three months later, he's definitely right about that.