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UK's Jarrod Polson Still Thinks Wildcats "One Of The Top Teams In The Country"

Despite a tough home loss to the SEC-leading Florida Gators this past Saturday night, Kentucky senior guard Jarrod Polson still thinks the Wildcats are among the elite teams in the nation. Polson, whose role has greatly increased since the start of league play, told reporters Monday afternoon that he believe UK is "one of the top teams in the country."

In reality, it's actually a very debatable topic. Kentucky has an overall record of 19-6 and will most likely finish second in the SEC, but the Wildcats have struggled against elite competition this season. Four of the team's six losses were to ranked teams (at the time) - the lone win was over No. 6 Louisville. Given their ridiculous talent, UK can certainly make a run in the NCAA tournament next month. Whether the Wildcats actually will - that remains to be seen.