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Video: Bill O'Reilly Interviews John Calipari, Asks Some Borderline Inappropriate Questions

Kentucky head coach John Calipari made the rounds yesterday to promote his new book 'Players First', appearing on CBS, The Dan Patrick Show, Kentucky Sports Radio, and for some strange reason, the O'Reilly Factor. It's safe to say that the conversation the two had was unlike any of the other's Cal had experienced in the day.

O'Reilly asked Calipari about how to impose discipline on players who listen to "this rap stuff" and are "going to do what they want to do". He also asked him if the players use "four-letter words" towards him, how to keep the players away from drugs and "hustlers" and how the players avoid being falsely accused of rape. 

Through it all, Calipari does handle it well. There are probably a lot of coaches in the industry who would have taken exception to some of what O'Reilly was implying, but Calipari has probably seen and heard it all at this point. Still, it felt like O'Reilly had a much more negative perception of college basketball players than is warranted.