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Video: Ex-Kentucky Star Karl-Anthony Townes Wants To Appear In "Space Jam 2"

Last week, a report emerged saying that a sequel to the famous 1996 basketball movie Space Jam was in the works.LeBron James is the rumored target to fill Michael Jordan's role in the original.

If the Monstars make another appearance, one current NBA player has already come forward and said he hopes to play one of the blue creatures. Minnesota Timberwolves rookie sensation Karl-Anthony Towns, a huge Space Jam fan, told Kentucky Sports Television's T.J. Beisner that he wants a part in Space Jam 2, perhaps as Shawn Bradley's character.

">@KarlTowns wants to be in Space Jam 2.

More tonight KSTV.

— T.J. Beisner (@Beisner_cn2) May 5, 2016

Towns may not be as abnormally tall as Bradley, but he has much more talent than the former center. We think he'd make a fine Monstar.