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Video: Jamal Murray Is Literally Making Off The Wall Shots As Part Of #HorseWithTheCats

Jamal Murray hits crazy trick shot.

Jamal Murray Trick Shot

H-o-r-s-e is a timeless game for basketball enthusiasts, and players at even the highest levels spend free time during shootarounds and practices working on their trick shots.

Kentucky has decided to open up a H-o-r-s-e competition to include anyone on Twitter. If you film yourself making a trick shot, post it on Twitter and include the hashtag #HorseWithTheCats, Wildcat players will try to match it.

Guard Jamal Murray is working on his H-o-r-s-e skills and making some off-the-wall shots. Literally. 

">February 24, 2016

The way Murray is shooting the ball this season, he might be tough to beat, especially if he's making shots like that.