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Video: Kentucky Basketball Fans Get Married At Big Blue Madness Campout

Kentucky Basketball


Two diehard Kentucky basketball fans tied the knot while camping out for their Big Blue Madness tickets.

Kentucky basketball's Big Blue Madness event is a spectacle, and similar to massive music festivals like Coachella or Bonnaroo, tickets sell out insanely fast. This year, the event sold out in just 28 minutes.

That's crazy! But when your basketball team is a title contender each and every year, it starts to make a little bit of sense. Each fan has an emotional connection to their sports team that transcends logic and reason. Sounds a lot like love. And speaking of love...


Congratulations to Ray and Vicki Branham! More than a thousand people camped out for Big Blue Madness tickets, but only two people got tickets and also got married. You have to respect the passion these two fans have for Wildcats basketball.

The Kentucky Wildcats open their season on November 11 with a contest against Stephen F. Austin.