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Video: Kentucky's Dakari Johnson Teaches UK's Athletic Director About Social Media, "Baes", "Turning Up"

Kentucky's basketball team will surely benefit from the return of freshman center Dakari Johnson, but so too, apparently, will the Wildcats' athletic director, Mitch Barnhart. In a video produced for The CATSPY Awards--the annual ESPY-esque show started by the Lexington school in 2003 to honor the academic, athletic and community excellence achieved by all UK student-athletes--the Kentucky big man teaches his athletic director a couple things about social media. 

The topics covered include: "Baes" "Keeping it 100" "Turning up"

The best sequence from the video has to be Johnson describing to Barnhart what a "bae" is.

“I need to know, who is my bae?” Barnhart asks. 

“You have a bae?” Johnson replies.

“I don’t know, do I?”

“Oh, Mrs. Barnhart, that’s (your) bae.”

“That’s good for me? Ok.”

“When you get in the house, you don’t refer to her as Mrs. Barnhart or your wife, she’s ‘bae.’”