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Warren Buffet's 'Billion Dollar Bracket' Won't Run During March Madness This Year

Last year, college basketball fans had the opportunity to win $1 billion dollars if they correctly picked every game in the NCAA Tournament bracket. Of course, no contestant made it past the Round of 32 before getting at least one wrong. But as low as the odds were in 2014, they'll be even lower in 2015. That's because Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway, Quicken Loans and Yahoo! won't be running the contest this year. They're apparently too caught up in legal issues from last year's promotion to get it done.

That being said, Quicken Loans did apparently say that it'll be hosting some kind of contest. According to Benzinga, it'll be something "new and innovative." 

Instead of repeating the bracket contest, we are now turning our attention to something new and innovative that will carry on our heritage of launching unexpected and engaging events that will take the nation by storm again – stay tuned.

The Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge took the country by storm last year. If they're able to even come close to matching the excitement, they'll have done well.