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When Is Selection Sunday 2015?

NCAA Tournament time is upon us, and people nationwide are getting ready to fill out their brackets. Selection Sunday, when the 68 teams comprising the bracket are announced, is set for March 15th. The bracket will be revealed during an hour-long special on CBS, starting at 6:00 PM. The bracket is usually disclosed in the first half of the show, with the rest of the special dedicated to analysis of the bracket.

Here's a little more on how the selection process works.

Thirty-two teams qualify for the NCAA Tournament by virtue of earning the automatic bid from their respective conferences. Thirty-one of those conferences give their bid to the winner of their league tournament, while the Ivy League, which doesn't hold a post-season tournament, gives its bid to the regular season champion. The remaining 36 teams are selected by members of the NCAA Tournament selection committee. The committee ranks teams from 1-to-68 and disseminates them into the bracket's four regions. The top four teams are given No. 1 seeds in each region, teams 5-8 in the rankings are given No. 2 seeds, and the process continues until all 68 teams are accounted for.