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Who Is Calling Kentucky's Final 4 Game on TNT?

Kentucky faithful are known for being one of the more rabid fan bases in the country. Many will likely make the journey down to Dallas for the Wildcats’ Final Four game, but for those who don’t, they’ll get to hear some local Kentucky broadcasters and a former Wildcat calling the contest.

">April 1, 2014

This year, the Final Four games will be broadcast on cable on TBS, and to supplement that coverage, there will be team-specific broadcasts on TNT and truTV.

Here’s what Kentucky’s team-centric broadcast will feature for the Wildcats’ game against Wisconsin Saturday night:

Kentucky teamcast:

Network: TNT

Play-by-play: Rob Bromley, longtime Kentucky broadcaster

Color commentary: Rex Chapman, former Kentucky and NBA player

Courtside: Dave Baker, local Kentucky TV reporter