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LSU Offers Scholarship To Football Player Before He Enters 8th Grade

Middle school recruiting?

We were just talking about something like this a few weeks ago. And now we're at it again, as college coaches continue to target athletes that are younger and younger.

ESPN is reporting that Louisiana native Dylan Moses, who has yet to enter 8th grade, has been offered a scholarship by LSU after excelling at one of its junior football camps in July. Moses was reportedly ecstatic about the offer, as LSU has been his dream school and favorite team growing up.

While LSU may be his dream school, don't expect other schools to honor this kid's commitment in the future. Moses has been participating in two-a-day practices since he was six years old, and he showed off his skills (speed in particular) when he ran a 4.46 forty yard dash at the camp. Being six feet tall and weighing 205 pounds at that age doesn't hurt his cause either.