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5-Star Tackle Chidi Valentine-Okeke After Delaying Decision: "Sometimes I Wish I Was A 1 Star"

While the official visits to beautiful campuses and the attention of numerous star coaches may be cool, being a five-star recruit isn't always easy. Offensive tackle Chidi Valentine-Okeke, who is deciding between Alabama, Auburn, and LSU, was set to announce his choice Monday night, but called an audible just hours before he was set to appear on Fox Sports South.

"This is a period when I have to make a tough decision in my life," Valentine-Okeke said during the program. "I feel good, but schools are calling you. It's hard. I wanted to commit today, but I decided to changed my mind this afternoon. I just want to feel free this week to make the right decision.

Making a potentially life-altering decision between three top programs is nerve-wracking, and Valentine-Okeke admitted that things may be easier if he wasn't so highly rated.

"Everybody who has been in my shoes as a 5-star player goes through this process," Valentine-Okeke said. "Every school is telling you they need you. 'Come to our school, we love you,' stuff like that. It's hard. I know I'm not the first person who ever felt this.

"I'm a big recruit and get all these phone calls all the time. Sometimes I wish I was a 1-star."

Fans often grow tired of players switching and backing out of commitments, or delaying things, but remember, this is often the biggest decision a young recruit will need to make at that point in his life.