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A Florida Restaurant Refused To Serve LSU Fans During Saturday's Game

They take their college football seriously in the SEC. So seriously, in fact, that one Florida restaurant refused service to a group of LSU fans during Saturday's game.

The restaurant was Harry T's Lighthouse in Destin, and has the lowdown on what transpired when a contingent of Tiger supporters tried to watch their team take on the Gators. 

Don Bass of Kiln, Miss., said he called ahead to see if there would be enough room for a party of about 20 at Harry T's Lighthouse restaurant at 8 p.m. during which time LSU and Florida were playing in Baton Rouge. When he arrived to secure the tables, he was wearing an LSU hat and was advised LSU fans were not welcome.

"The response was amazing," Bass said. "It was outrageous. I don't think the Florida fans minded. By no means do I look menacing. It's second nature to me to have that hat on. I've never experienced anything like that.

"The whole back area was empty. The front was taken by the Florida alumni."

A spokesperson for the restaurant said LSU fans "don't carry a good name" there because of past altercations with staff members. It will be interesting to see if any legal repercussions come from this.

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