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Arkansas Defensive Back Santos Ramirez Doesn't Think Too Highly Of LSU Quarterback Brandon Harris

If LSU quarterback Brandon Harris needed some bulletin-board motivation for Saturday's game against Arkansas, here it is. 

Razorbacks' safety Santos Ramirez was asked earlier this week about the task of facing Harris and the Tigers' offense. 

He doesn't think too highly of the LSU quarterback.


“He is predictable where he wants to go. He has got a good arm on him but he’s not as accurate,” Ramirez said. “He’s not very good with the ball in terms of decision making but he can really throw the ball and he can get receivers behind us and we have to be careful with it.”

Ramirez is a tad biased when talking about LSU. He was originally recruited by the Tigers, but was pursued as somewhat of a backup option to other prospects. LSU wanted him to play fullback, but he said no thanks and signed with Arkansas to play safety. 

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