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Colin Cowherd: The Playoff Committee Wants 2 SEC Teams

FS1's Colin Cowherd.

Colin Cowherd speaks on the air on FS1.

The College Football Playoff rankings spark the wackiest theories from fans and analysts. Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd is among the conspiracy theorists after the unveiling of this week's playoff rankings.

LSU, Alabama and Georgia make up three of the top five teams in the latest rankings. There are multiple scenarios that would permit two teams from the SEC to earn a playoff selection. Cowherd thinks the playoff committee is pushing for that exact scenario.

"The committee wants two SEC teams in, so if Bama wins, or if LSU wins, they’re going to get two SEC teams in, that’s what they want," Cowherd said, via Saturday Down South.

The most likely scenario of the SEC earning two playoff bids is if Georgia beats LSU in the conference's championship game. The Tigers' resume is too impressive to keep them out even with a loss. And a one loss SEC champion Georgia team would earn a bid.

But if LSU beats Georgia in the probable SEC championship game match-up, the next most likely scenario is Alabama earning the No. 4 seed. The Crimson Tide's main competition will be the Pac-12 champion. But if Alabama beats Auburn, that'll be a leg-up on Oregon which lost to the Tigers in week 1.

There are plenty of scenarios where the SEC can get two participants in the playoff. It'll all come down to the final few weeks of the season.