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Ed Orgeron Responds To Troubling Allegations Against Derrius Guice

LSU Coach Ed Orgeron celebrating with Derr

ORLANDO, FL - DECEMBER 31: Head coach Ed Orgeron of the LSU Tigers congratulates Derrius Guice #5 after his one-yard touchdown reception against the Louisville Cardinals in the second quarter of the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl at Camping World Stadium on December 31, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Ed Orgeron has come under fire recently following sexual assault allegations against former LSU RB Derrius Guice while he was still at school.

One of the alleged victims at the time was the girlfriend of an unnamed LSU freshman football player. In an interview with USA Today, that former player had some startling quotes about Orgeron's reaction when told about them.

On Thursday, Coach Orgeron responded to the reports of his alleged comments and overall involvement with Guice. Orgeron also made it clear that the allegations against Guice must be taken seriously and the alleged victims "must be heard and supported". He declared that the quotes attributed to him are "not accurate" and that the insinuation that he knew about what happened with Guice is "completely false."

"The anonymous quote attributed to me by a former player in USA Today is not accurate," Orgeron said. "Out of respect for the young man's privacy, I will not reveal the full details of the conversation. What I will say is that a player came into my office to discuss transferring from our program. We also discussed the player's relationship challenges with his girlfriend. I told him what I would tell my own sons: 'We all experience heartbreak growing up. Do not throw away a promising academic and football career at LSU because of a personal obstacle.' Any insinuation that I had knowledge of his girlfriend and Derrius Guice is completely false."

Derrius Guice was released by Washington earlier this month after being arrested and charged with counts of strangulation, assault, battery and destruction of property stemming from multiple domestic violence incidents.

It was after that arrest and his release that the allegations from his LSU days came to light.

Guice was a two-time All-SEC running back with the Tigers. He was a second-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft by Washington.

We'll keep you updated as this story continues to unfold.