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Former Thanksgiving Day Rivals Texas, Texas A&M Will Kick Off At Exact Same Time This Year

For those who don't follow Big 12 football closely, one of its great traditions, until two years ago, was pitting Texas and Texas A&M against each other each Thanksgiving Day. Obviously, when the Aggies left the league for the SEC, that could no longer happen - especially since the two still have not figured out a way to play each other non-conference. Texas has attempted to keep the in-state rivalry aspect of the day alive, alternating between playing TCU and Texas Tech in the years since. Texas A&M had not followed suit. Until 2014.

Not only will the Aggies be playing on the same day - against LSU, for those wondering - but they'll be kicking off at the exact same time. Can you say ratings war?

">June 23, 2014

TCU and Texas play on Fox Sports 1, while A&M and LSU can be seen on ESPN. 

It's unlikely that this happened by accident. Either way, both teams probably just hope that they're still in the College Football Playoff picture by then - it's the last regular season contest for each squad.

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