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Fox Sports Radio Host "Skeptical" Of Leonard Fournette Having NFL Success

LSU running back Leonard Fournette officially declared for the NFL Draft yesterday.

Fournette is expected to be chosen early, likely in the first 10 picks. But one radio host is unsure if he will ever reach expectations.

Fox Sports' Ben Maller, speaking on his radio show, conceded that Fournette will be a top-10 pick. However, he admitted he is skeptical of his ability to succeed in the professional ranks.

Here is a portion of what Maller had to say:

"He is going to play for a franchise that sucks, a franchise in shambles...That is a death sentence for a running back. How many running backs have the Cleveland Browns had, for example, over the years? Some drafted high, some out of the Southeastern Conference. Trent Richardson ring a bell? How's that working out for you? Not so goof. He'll be walking in, Fournette, to a fertilizer factory, and they will request, the team that drafts him, to make delicious chocolate cake out of the piles of fertilizer that he is surrounded by. That will be the job of Leonard Fournette in the NFL."

Maller went on to discuss his concerns about Fournette playing against elite talent every week, saying "you're not going to be playing against Sam Houston State, Eastern Michigan, New Mexico State on a weekly basis."

You can listen to all of Maller's comments below.

As of now, CBSSports' latest mock draft has Fournette going 14th overall to the Indianapolis Colts, who do need to find a younger replacement for Frank Gore.

SBNation has him pegged for the fifth overall pick, which is held by the New York Jets.