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Games Announced For College Basketball Kickoff Event In Dallas

A cool event.

College basketball is looking for ways to spice up the regular season, and it's hoping that this year's kickoff event in Dallas will help to add some excitement.

On November 8th, four games will be played in American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas -- home of the Dallas Mavericks. The four games that will be played are listed below:

Texas vs. LSU
Alabama vs. Oklahoma
Baylor vs. Colorado

Love the idea of having a college basketball kickoff event in the eventual Final Four host city, but personally I think that the specific matchups leave something to be desired. Also, why not create something like a small 16-team tournament to really get the fans' blood flowing? Just an idea for something that people would definitely watch.

Either way, we'll still be tuning in for sure -- college basketball can't come soon enough.