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Greg McElroy: LSU's Success Derives From Mindset Established By Nick Saban

At LSU, Nick Saban led one of the country's best college football programs, winning the BCS national championship in 2003. Since Les Miles took over for Saban in Baton Rouge following the 2004 season, the Tigers have sustained--and potentially improved on--that success. 

Former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy says the reason LSU has been able to remain an elite college football program derives from the mindset established by Saban while he was the coach of the Tigers. 

">June 26, 2014

McElroy, who won a national title with Saban at Alabama in 2009, spoke on the subject during a recent interview with "SportsTalk with Bo Mattingly."

“If you look at LSU, they’ve had sustained success since Saban left because he established that mindset. Les Miles obviously did take over that program and has done a terrific job in his own right, but once you establish that mindset and have the leadership that holds young players accountable, that success shouldn’t soon dwindle. I think Alabama’s going to be a perennial power for years to come,” McElroy said. 

McElroy called Saban the "hardest worker in the country." 

“What’s special about him, given my experience playing and seeing him on a day-to-day basis, is how he acts and the attention to detail he gives every single situation and evaluates every single situation,” McElroy said. “I truly believe he’s the hardest worker in the country. I think he dedicates himself to not only studying, game-planning and preparing, but he spends as much time recruiting as anything else. He’s been up there in the top five recruiting classes the last five, six years. As long as you’re able to recruit at that high of a level and have the leadership from an upperclassman standpoint, those kids will be held accountable. Young kids will be able to come in and learn The Process he constantly preaches and be able to continue that success."

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