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History Might Suggest LSU Will Beat Alabama This Saturday

LSU's empty stadium before they take on Alabama.

Tiger Stadium/LSU.

Some truly bizarre stats involving the NFL and the World Series suggest that LSU will take down Alabama on Saturday.

LSU, No. 13 in the CFB Playoff rankings, hosts No. 1 Alabama this Saturday, and both ESPN and the spread all favor the Crimson Tide in the matchup. But not so fast, the Tigers might have some history on their side. Thanks to Reddit user NOLAblonde, there appears to be some precedent for LSU upsetting the No. 1 seed.

Let's take a trip to 1997, shall we?


  • Eagles vs. Ravens tie week 12
  • Giants vs. Redskins tie week 13
  • Marlins beat the Indians in 7 games
  • LSU defeats No. 1 Florida in Death Valley

Now, let's go back to the present day.


  • Seahawks vs. Cardinals tie week 7
  • Bengals vs. Redskins tie week 8
  • Cubs beat the Indians in 7 games
  • LSU plays No. 1 Alabama in Death Valley


Will LSU fulfill the prophecy? The Cubs just won a World Series after being down 3-1, I'm not ruling anything out.