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LSU Basketball: Freshman Antonio Blakeney: "I Think We'll Win The National Championship"

The 2015 recruiting class that head coach Johnny Jones landed at LSU is a remarkable one. Forward Ben Simmons, the consensus best player in the country and likely No. 1 pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, headlines a group that also features five-star guard Antonio Blakeney and four-star guard Brandon Sampson. The potentially transformative group met the media, and Blakeney didn't mince words when asked about his expectations for the season. From Sporting News writer Kami Mattioli:

There's no lack of confidence from the three, but Blakeney got straight to the point. “I think we’ll win the national championship,” he said. In response to a follow-up question about whether he was hopeful the Tigers would be competitive, he repeated himself.

“I think we’re going to win the national championship.”

SEC rival Kentucky brings in a star-studded class once again, and Duke looms large coming off of the 2015 title, restocked with freshman talent, but many believe that Simmons is without equal as a rising freshman. If anything, SEC basketball will be far more interesting with a contender in Baton Rouge.

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