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LSU Isn't Going To Pick A Starting QB Until Thursday Before Aug. 30 Opener, Won't Announce Winner Publicly

The college football world will be kept in the dark when it comes to LSU deciding on a starting quarterback. 

Les Miles said Tuesday that he and his staff will most likely not publicly announce a starting quarterback before their Aug. 30 season opener. The Tigers' players won't be told of the decision until two days before the game. 

">August 20, 2014

Neither of the two competitors--sophomore Anthony Jennings and true freshman Brandon Harris--have reportedly been able to separate from one another. 

"I want it to go to the back end," Miles told "We have a full game week and several practices this week left. I think I'll wait before I describe exactly how we'd like to play these guys. I think there's an opportunity to see both quarterbacks play. I don't know if there has been separation of one from the other."

Jennings threw for 181 yards, one touchdown, and one interception as a freshman in 2013. Harris was a four-star dual-threat recruit who graduated high school last December and enrolled at LSU in January. 

LSU opens its season Aug. 30 against Wisconsin.