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LSU Athletic Director Publishes Letter Addressing Florida vs. LSU Rescheduling

It was announced on Thursday afternoon that the Florida vs. LSU game will be played in Baton Rouge on Nov. 19.

A makeup date for last week’s Florida vs. LSU game, which was canceled by Hurricane Matthew, was set for Nov. 19 in Baton Rouge on Thursday.

Florida will buy out its previously scheduled non-conference game against Presbyterian, while LSU will buy out South Alabama. The matchup was originally scheduled to be played at Florida.

The SEC later confirmed that LSU will play at Florida next season, instead of hosting the Gators.

Since the turn of events, LSU's vice chancellor and athletic director Joe Alleva has penned an open letter on

There will be a lot of talk about how the LSU-Florida game came to be played in Tiger Stadium.

Hurricane Matthew created an unfortunate situation requiring the October 8 game to be postponed. Having lived through many hurricanes, we at LSU are relieved that the Gainesville area was spared the harshest parts of the storm. We wish those impacted along the Atlantic Coast by Hurricane Matthew a safe and rapid recovery from the storm’s effects.

Football schedules are made years in advance and it is difficult to reschedule a postponed game. After extensive deliberation, the University of Florida agreed to play the 2016 game in Baton Rouge on November 19, while LSU agreed to play the 2017 contest in Gainesville.

We felt it was important to the local economy to have a game in Baton Rouge. Many of the Tiger faithful endured a 1,000-year flood, and every game is a much-needed opportunity for an economic boost to our region.

This decision does not come without implications to LSU Athletics. Next year, our team will need your support as they will play more games on the road than usual. This means our economy and the Athletic Department will miss out on expected revenue opportunities. This was all part of the give-and-take between the two universities.

Alleva's comments come after Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley criticized the Tigers staff over the negotiations, saying that "LSU was never a true partner in our discussions."

With the change, the LSU 2017 schedule now looks like this:

Sept. 2: vs. BYU (Houston, TX)
Sept. 9: vs. Chattanooga
Sept. 16: at Mississippi State
Sept. 23: vs. Syracuse
Sept. 30: vs. Troy
Oct. 7: at Florida
Oct. 14: vs. Auburn
Oct. 21: at Ole Miss
Nov. 4: at Alabama
Nov. 11: vs. Arkansas
Nov. 18: at Tennessee
Nov. 25: vs. Texas A&M