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LSU RB Leonard Fournette: Sitting Out Bowl "Wasn't My Decision"

LSU running back Leonard Fournette gave some interesting insight into why he sat out his team's bowl game.

Back in December, Fournette and LSU head coach Ed Orgeron held a press conference to announce Fournette wouldn't play. It seemed like a joint decision based off of his NFL future and the fact he'd battled injuries all season.

But on Friday, Fournette sat down with NFL Now Live and talked some more about why he backed out of the Citrus Bowl against Louisville. This time, he made it sound as if it was strictly Orgeron's decision.

"To be honest, it really wasn't my decision," Fournette told NFL Now Live. "My coach brought me into the office. He told me 'You have a lot on the line.' He didn't want me to play. I cried like a baby. It was hard for me. That was my first time not really traveling with the team and I couldn't play in a game with my brothers. I'm going to miss them."

Later in the interview, Fournette reiterated the point, saying "my coach made (the decision) for me."

Whether it was Fournette or Orgeron's decision, the projected first-round pick was able to rest up and get healthier while his team took care of business and routed Louisville, 29-9.

It worked out for all parties.

Now, the fun starts, and we'll get to see where Fournette is selected in April's draft.