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How A 5-Star SEC Recruit Lost 60 Pounds

LSU recruit Tyler Shelvin has apparently lost around 60 pounds following a gumbo diet, according to head coach Ed Orgeron.

As part of an LSU speaking tour, head coach Ed Orgeron spoke at the Le Pavilion Petroleum Club in Lafayette on Monday, and among the topics that came up, none were more interesting than the story concerning 4-star recruit and Louisiana native Tyler Shelvin.

Shelvin, a 6-foot-3 defensive tackle and an LSU commit, previously weighed 383 pounds. Now, he weighs in at 325, thanks in part to Orgeron's gumbo diet.

“He is a very explosive young man,” Orgeron said, per SEC Country. “I expect him to help us out this year. One thing I’m proud of Tyler is he got all the way up to 383. And I told his grandma, ‘Start feeding him gumbo with no rice.’ He called and said, ‘Coach, you killing me. I need more rice.’ But he got down to 325 pounds. I’m most proud of Tyler for that, and I think he’s going to be an excellent player for us.”

Sixty pounds just by eliminating rice from his gumbo? Not bad, might have to try that.

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