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Photo: Mike The Tiger Is Heading To LSU's Game Tonight, After Missing Home Games In 2014

LSU's Mike the Tiger is a bit of a mystery. The giant Siberian-Bengal mix missed his team's home games last season, much to the dismay of the team's fans. For The Win investigated Mike's absence last fall, in which they spoke to his head veterinarian Dr. David baker. Basically, if Mike doesn't get into his trailer to head to the stadium, his trainers will not force him:

“Cat people know that cats do what cats are going to do,” he said. “Life is on their terms. You can’t force them and we have no way of forcing him. OK? I’ll say that again. We have no way of forcing him. We wouldn’t if we did. You can’t entice them.

Today, however, Mike feels like seeing some football, and intimidating the hell out of some McNeese State players. 

There are few things cooler in college football than Mike the Tiger hanging outside of the opposing team's locker room. We hope he feels up to it more often this fall.