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Photo: LSU Has A Very Detailed "2013 Process" Hanging In The Team Room

Smart, Fast, Physical, Dominant.

College football facilities these days are spectacular. We've seen pretty much every luxury out there added for team comfort, from arcades to waterfalls to in-house barber shops -- safe to say, players aren't exactly roughing it in 2013.

But aside from the new comforts, facilities often have a lot of great motivational messages posted on signs throughout the building -- we've seen them time and time again. Today, we got a chance to see a very detailed sign in the LSU team room, which lays out the "2013 process" that the Tigers must follow if they are to have success:

Sure, there are a ton of things to remember, but the sign actually contains a lot of good advice and some really motivating phrases. And of course, it saved the best for last: win.