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Photo: Masters' Contender Promoting Leonard Fournette For Heisman On His Golf Club

Leonard Fournette's 2016 Heisman Trophy campaign started in Augusta, Ga. 

The LSU running back is being promoted for the award by former Tiger Smylie Kaufman, the 24-year-old golfer who's in contention at The Masters heading into the tournament's final day. 

Kaufman has "7 For Heisman" and "LSU" inscribed on one of his Cleveland wedges. 

">@_fournette fan.

— SEC Network (@SECNetwork)

LSU's Smylie Kaufman is one shot off the lead at the Masters. We think it's safe to say he's a @_fournette fan.

— SEC Network (@SECNetwork) April 10, 2016

">April 10, 2016

Kaufman, -2 for the tournament, is one shot behind leader Jordan Spieth (-3). The two are in The Masters' final pairing of the day and are set to tee off at 2:45 p.m. E.T.