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Report: TCU's Gary Patterson Sends LSU's Les Miles A Transcript Of His Post-Practice Interview

To set the record straight.

Earlier this week, TCU head football coach Gary Patterson made a comment regarding player suspension during his post-practice interview. The way it came across, it seemed like he was taking shots at LSU and head football coach Les Miles after his decision to let the team vote running back Jeremy Hill back on the squad.

But according to Patterson, that wasn't his intention. He was upset with how his words were taken out of context. According to CBS Sports, this is what Patterson said about the situation: 

"I know what I said. I didn't mention Jeremy Hill. I didn't mention Les Miles. It was more about Devonte Fields. If they want to make something up so they can get all fired up…I can get the same thing when I go home. Everyone can stand in line."

Patterson continued on:

"I'm not Babe Ruth. I don't point at fences...Most of the time I play below the water. Anybody who knows me knows that's way outside of character, so why would I do it now? Why would I call up the Tiger? They don't need any more help."

To make sure Miles knew exactly what he said, Patterson sent him a transcript of the entire post-practice interview, hoping to set the record straight. 

The Tigers and Horned Frogs matchup was already highly anticipated before the drama -- they face off on August 31st in Arlington.

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