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Steve Spurrier Remains A Troll God, Took Aim At LSU During Independence Bowl Luncheon

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Steve Spurrier has been retired for a little while now, but his famous wit hasn't gone anywhere.

Spurrier spoke at the Independence Bowl kickoff luncheon this afternoon in Shreveport, LA.

One might assume that, given the location, Spurrier may make jokes about programs aside from the LSU Tigers.


LSU is definitely one of the most talented teams in the country year-in and year-out, and yet, it has struggled to compete on the same level as Nick Saban's Alabama Crimson Tide. That fact cost Les Miles his job last season.

Still, most invited guests of an event in Louisiana aren't making that joke. Spurrier isn't 'most people,' though. The Head Ball Coach won a Heisman as a player, transformed his alma mater Florida into a college football powerhouse, and is likely the best coach in South Carolina football history. And still, many of us might actually remember him best for quips like this.