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TCU's Gary Patterson Indicates Les Miles Doesn't Teach His LSU Team Life Lessons

Does he have a point?

Last month, video surfaced of LSU running back Jeremy Hill coldcocking a man outside of a Baton Rouge bar -- he was so thrilled with himself that he high-fived a friend after the man was knocked unconscious.

Earlier this week, LSU head coach Les Miles left it up to the team decided whether Hill should be allowed back on the team -- of course, they voted to bring him back, and he's now practicing, although Miles has yet to decide if he will give him a suspension or any additional punishment.

LSU plays TCU in a big week one matchup, and Horned Frogs coach Gary Patterson found himself in a similar situation to Miles several months ago. After star defensive end Devonte Fields violated team and university policy, Patterson handed down a two-game suspension.

Kudos to Patterson for suspending Fields for one of the biggest games of season without hesitation -- he did the right thing. In fact, Patterson took a shot at Miles yesterday, indicating that Les Miles doesn't get what's really important:

"I'm sure if it was some opponent they'd beat by 100 points (the players) wouldn't have a vote. It's not my worry. I've got to play whoever they put on the field. My whole team would vote Devonte (Fields) to be back on the team because they all want to win. That doesn't teach life lessons."

Honestly, I love this -- I think Miles leaving the decision up to his team was a cop out that indicates that he really doesn't care about player conduct as long as he is winning football games. It will be interesting to see if he responds to Patterson's comments, or if he conveniently ignores them like has Hill's conduct to this point.