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Texas Football: Signee Du'Vonta Lampkin Announces That He Will Attend Another School On Twitter

Defensive tackle Du'Vonta Lampkin signed with Texas back in February, and was expected to move up to Austin over the weekend to begin his Longhorn career. Instead, he will be attending another university. On Friday, Football Braniacs reported that Lampkin did not fill an academic requirement, which prevented him from being admitted to UT.

Apparently, UT has a foreign language requirement that most schools, including OU, do not. I was told by a source that while there was an attempt by Lampkin to try and meet said requirement, it looks unlikely what needed to happen in order for him to qualify academically for Texas (important distinction) isn’t going to happen. The best case scenario for UT was that Lampkin would work towards completing that language requirement over the summer and then eventually enroll at Texas in August. I have been told, however, that is no longer the plan.

Today, Lampkin tweeted that he will be attending another university, and apologized to Texas, but did not go into detail about the change in his status.

">May 30, 2015

Lampkin is a one time Oklahoma commit, and according to the Football Braniacs post, OU and LSU are possible landing spots. This is a big loss for Texas, and it will be very interesting to see which teams get involved in his reopened recruitment.