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TMZ Ticks Off Mo Isom, Still Thinks She Hasn't Tried Out For The LSU Football Team

Perhaps we fact check.

This past weekend, a former Wisconsin soccer player named Lauren Silberman participated in a regional NFL Combine and had a tough try-out, to say the least. Silberman's two kickoff attempts didn't even reach midfield, prompting many to call her inclusion a sham.

TMZ reached out to former LSU soccer star Mo Isom, who last year tried out for the Tigers football team, to get her reaction on the situation. But it appears they didn't fact-check much about Isom. 

"Mo Isom (left) -- an LSU student who could become the second female major college football player ever -- tells TMZ, she's shocked at Lauren's "lack of preparedness, training, skill and ability."

Right, except she tried out for the team last year. She's no longer a student at LSU - she was even seen hosting ESPN's UNITE a few weeks ago.

They also ticked her off - she's been venting on Twitter about how (we're guessing) they took her quotes out of context.

File this one under "when trying to sensationalize a story goes horribly wrong."