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Tyrann Mathieu Clowns Danny Trevathan For His "Honey Badger Move" Prematurely Celebrating TD


The NFL season kicked off tonight, and the Denver Broncos easily took down the defending champion Baltimore Ravens. On one of the game's crazier plays, Denver linebacker Danny Trevathan picked off an absolutely horrid Joe Flacco pass and took it the other way for a touchdown -- or so he thought. Replays showed that Trevathan clearly let go of the ball in celebration before he crossed the the plane into the end zone, so the play was ultimately ruled a touchback instead of a touchdown -- ouch.

This wasn't the first time we've seen this -- it happened to DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles a few years back. But it also happened in college football on one of the game's biggest stages. In 2011, LSU DB Tyrann Mathieu, of course known as The Honey Badger, made the same mistake, celebrating prematurely. Funnily enough, he chimed in on Twitter about Trevathan's error:

It's pretty great that Mathieu can look back and laugh at it now, even though it was a major bonehead move it at the time. Props to the Honey Badger for having a good sense of humor.