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Tyrann Mathieu Reaches Out To Johnny Manziel Amid Quarterback's Crisis

Johnny Manziel's life appears to be falling apart. 

The 23-year-old quarterback reportedly threatened to kill both himself and his ex-girlfriend during an alleged incident last week. Today, his agent fired him. And, in about a month, he's probably going to be released by the Cleveland Browns. 

One of the NFL's best players knows what Manziel is going through. Tyrann Mathieu, an All-Pro safety for the Arizona Cardinals, had a falling out at LSU that led to his dismissal from the program. The 23-year-old defensive back was able to turn his life around. He hopes Manziel can do the same. So, he reached out to him on Twitter today, offering to help. 

">February 5, 2016

Whether it's from Mathieu or someone else, here's to Johnny receiving the help he needs.