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Video: Leonard Fournette Says He'll Auction His Game Jersey For South Carolina Flood Relief

Leonard Fournette close up during interview.

Leonard Fournette

Update 2: This is unprecedented. The NCAA, on its Twitter account, has chimed in regarding the situation. They've given Fournette permission to auction his jersey for the South Carolina flood victims. Very cool.

">October 11, 2015

Update: Well, so much for that. Fournette's intended donation would violate NCAA policy, so he's unable to do it. Still, it's the thought that counts.

Earlier: LSU running back Leonard Fournette is an animal with the ball in his hands on the field, but looks to have a heart of gold off of it. 

Following his team's 45-24 win over South Carolina --in which he rushed for 158 yards and three touchdowns-- Fournette shared a prepared statement of support for South Carolina flood victims. Because of the flooding, today's game was moved from South Carolina to Death Valley.

That poignant statement, which included Fournette referencing his own experience with Hurricane Katrina, wasn't the only form of assistance the super sophomore offered. He also said he is looking to auction his game jersey off for flood relief.

Here's the video.

">October 10, 2015

Amazingly classy. Hopefully, Fournette's gesture of good will doesn't violate some inane NCAA by-law. That would be terrible.