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Video: Les Miles Responds To Greg McElroy On ESPN For His Comments About LSU's Winning Mindset

Last month, ESPN commenter and former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy appeared on a radio show in Arkansas, where he said that current Alabama coach and former LSU coach Nick Saban established the sustained success in Baton Rouge during his tenure.

"They've had sustained success since (Nick) Saban left because he established that mindset," McElroy, who quarterbacked Alabama to the 2009 national title, said of the Tigers. Les Miles obviously did take over that program and has done a terrific job in his own right, but once you establish that mindset and have the leadership that's holding young players accountable, that success shouldn't soon dwindle. I think Alabama's going to be a perennial power for a number of years to come."

Naturally, this didn't go over very well with people at LSU. One such person was current Tigers football coach Les Miles, who appeared with McElroy on ESPN's "Numbers Never Lie" yesterday. While Miles had some interesting thoughts on the difficulty of LSU's schedule and the team losing players to the NFL, the most entertaining moment of the segment came when he discussed winning at LSU. While he never specifically mentions McElroy's quote, he points at McElroy and appears to look right at him while he talks.

If you can't watch the video, here's what Miles said:

I wanna give you one point, too, about winning. Winning is a thing that is inherent with how you were raised. It's something you carry with you for a lifetime. And to pretend that it's brought or deposited at a place and left, it is not. It is always carried with the participants of the people that are there. Period. Just, in discussion.

Miles is one of the most passionate coaches in all of college football, so it's not surprising that he took the opportunity to respond to McElroy's comments.